Now available at Book Woman!

January 9, 2010

After the entire first printing of my book was LOST by UPS, I have finally delivered a batch of my books, The Watcher (Poems) by Agnes Eva Savich, to Book Woman in Austin. Just in time for Sunday’s reading at 3:00 pm! The original shipment is going through reconnaissance tracking which can take weeks. They scrambled to print a second smaller batch in the meantime and overnighted it to my publisher. I then drove a whole bunch this afternoon to pick them up and deliver them to the store.

I love Book Woman’s new location! Lots of parking and jam packed with yummy colorful books and more. One title caught my eye by the checkout that I just may have to get; Hipster Haiku by Siobhan Adcock. My next book will definitely be a haiku book, though more of the classic literary genre in the Japanese fashion, but these pop culture ‘ku sure are addictively amusing 😉

Getting excited for this weekend. Thinking about what to wear, and what to read…

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