on being a working poet

August 21, 2010

Oh I’m working all right, just not on poetry. My best poetry was written when I had loads of idle time, only at the time it felt like I only had small pockets of time in an otherwise non-poetry-conducive environment such as full time corporate work or full time University. But now I REALLY don’t have an creative idle time. My time is so saturated that idle time is almost equivalent to sleep time. It’s a chance for my brain to shut off a little bit and just catch up on Facebook or play some (usually word game related) apps on my iPhone.

I have a very complicated schedule and many jobs. I try to look at the world with at least haiku eyes but other than the initial observation – “leaves gently sway on the bushes” – I have absolutely no meaningful juxtaposition to add.

leaves gently sway

on the bushes –

not much else, really

Yawn, right? A real “so what?” moment. I was so good at poetry when it was an escape from working by rote. I’m disappointed in my inability to find poetic meaning in everyday life, but I also am looking forward “to my 40’s” when I imagine that life will be simpler and different. My 30’s are all about raising two kids out of babyhood. They’re about cobbling together part time jobs to make the supplementary income to my husband’s full time job. They’re about spending as much time with family as possible, and being master of my own time. No matter what, I come back to the idea that I’m ok with that.

I have this beautiful poetry book out there like a 3rd child and I’m not doing much to sell it. I mean, I don’t even buy new poetry myself unless it’s someone I know, I have a bit of extra money, and I want to support them enough. My friends and family have been lovely in acquiring their copy. I hope there are some poetry fans in the wild that will choose to purchase those contents of my heart. And that will make me happy 🙂 And some day I’ll write more. Thanks for reading, as always, my sparse blog output!

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