Small Business Saturday includes Poets & Artists!

November 26, 2011

Here are a few suggestions from blogger mama extraordinaire, Kait De Luna Sea !
the art of Laurie McClave
The Art of Laurie McClave fine arts painter, digital painter, photomanipulations
Red Raven Gallery
We are open Daily on Water st in Historic Port Townsend. A Gallery cooperative
Rosarium Blends
Catamara Rosarium Purveyor of Alchemical Concoctions to Enliven the Senses~
Brew City Botanicals
Nothing artifical, nothing synthetic. All products are handmade with natural ingredients.
Howling Pig, Smelly Soap & Other Stuff
Howling Pig is the not-so-average soap company for not-so-average people.
Just Coffee Madison WI
Orca Books
Books are not life, but then what is?
Visual Alchemy
My Name is Bill Brouard. I was born in Mauritius where I lived till I was 17…
MiaKoda Design
I have been making beaded, wire wrapped, crocheted, hemp, and tatted jewelry…

All those I’ve posted above are able to ship in the USA (many worldwide) For those in the Milwaukee, WI Are also:
RRRAGs, Riverwest Random, Recycled, Art, and Gifts Fair 2012
Sunday, December 18 at 2:00pm at Polish Falcons Nest 725 Milw, WI.
RRRAGS – all proceeds go to buy art and school supplies for Riverwest School kids who cannot afford them. Last year we filled the principles office at Fratney Escuela w/ stuff. Check out the Riverwest Neighborhood Association photos.
Art vs. Craft
Saturday, November 26 at 10:00am

And then there is this:
OMFG I’M HAVING TWINS, Fundraiser Auctions
(which offers worldwide shipping) 😉


For my own crafty side, I’d like to recommend the nice Buy Book Here link for my poetry book on the right. Even though you can buy it from Amazon, it’s better to buy here because then it comes directly from me with lots of love!
The Watcher: Poems by Agnes Eva Savich
Rockosaurus Rex: Hard Rock & heavy metal versions of kids songs made by my husband, who used to be a guitarist in Bay Area band Horde of Torment, which in its heyday played with bands like Anthrax & Metallica.


The Godchild: a onesie you cannot refuse. I also own a small silk screening business, and right now we’re on hiatus with just this one design being sold online through a great family business; Cotton Baby Onesies.

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