Employment: a Dream, a Wish, a Positive Visualization. My Cover Letter to the Universe.

May 9, 2013

This summer we are moving back to Austin, TX. The kids will be turning 6 and 9, and they will both be in Elementary school. After cobbling together multiple part time jobs, and self owned businesses, it will be time for me to get a full time job again.

I have a Comparative Literature BA degree from the well-respected Northwestern University, but I do not have a singular career path. I have been these things, in no particular order:

a pre-school teacher, a small crafty business owner, jewelry maker, concert hall usher, web designer, social media manager, craft studio receptionist, poetry book author, band & orchestra musician, culinary travel company office manager (then ‘vice-president’), receptionist at a theme party prop warehouse, review copy writer, coordinator at a company which arranged nutritional elementary school field trips through grocery stores, a merchandiser, a field marketing agent for a variety of clients ranging from electronics to vacuums, and then a team lead followed by field operations manager of 110+ field agents specializing in a national grass roots marketing campaign for a major client.

With this last full time position, the rush of stability and career validation I had was wonderful. Unfortunately, in a twist of fate so common these days, a giant company bought the client company, which switched the financial focus to cut the funding to my company, and the funds were no longer there to support my ft position. I was soon let go and left gasping for air after almost a year of extremely intensive and gratifying work.  I rose to corporate fame with a bonus and an employee of the quarter award. Just as quickly, it was all over and gone. But I was surprisingly such a rock star at coordinating so many people, details, schedules, client goals, and directives. I managed, I trained, I hired, I wrote well-worded reports and team-inspiring emails, I surpassed goals and exceeded expectations while sales grew from our efforts. I answered 300+ emails a day and had a conference call (or 3) every day. I felt like a puppet master artfully maneuvering hundreds of strings week after week.

I can think of several kinds of places I’d like to work, and several types of job functions I’d like to perform, but it seems like never the twain shall meet and I always wind up doing something I completely hate on a deep mind, body, and soul level (think vacuum cleaner demos for hours on end at a big box store.)

I know I can coordinate complex projects involving many people, and I can drive these projects to success because of my ability to communicate succinctly and quickly, to see the big picture, to stay organized in the face of thousands of coordination details, and to work hard until every last loose end that I can control is taken care of.

I know that I will not be a sales person. I can lead and motivate other people with excellent theories and methods on HOW to sell something, but I shall not sell something myself, anything other than something creative I’ve made. (So all those insurance sales companies that keep finding my resume, kindly just back off please.) I get very excited when sales happen as a direct result of what I’m doing behind the scenes, but I don’t want to be a sales person.

I know that I love the travel industry and it would be so awesome to work in it again. My first five years post-college were spend working full time for a small but dynamic specialized travel company. Sending people on trips tailored to their interests, and traveling on all those business trips to Italy to discover the hidden gems of family olive oil farms, b&b’s, wineries, and little known regions wanting to increase their tourism; these were some of my favorite employment years. Getting to occasionally use my French fluency was also fun! I travel(ed) regionally for my marketing & merchandising jobs, and even wound up booking a lot of travel for the marketing sales reps I managed, so travel seems to find its way into my jobs in one way or another.

It would also be great to work at a University in an administrative capacity. Those were some of the best years of my life and it is such a thriving environment, full of the promise of adult life and excited young people who are on their way to running the world for the next generation. It would feel great to be part of that world again.

Other agencies I’d like to consider are companies which deal with supporting the environment, creative arts education, and natural birth and baby care choices. I would love to live in the world of art museums and public art, coordinating logistics for large scale installations. I could also see myself thriving in events management such as music, art, or food festivals.

I also am a reformed Luddite and love the way technology has become a part of life and an extension of one’s brain for both entertainment and organizational purposes. There are so many cool high tech companies that not only produce these products but also really seem to care about the whole individual in terms of work-life balance, and making the work environment comfortable, fun, and cool. I would feel excited to go into work every day, and to work in a place that values the hard work and creative solutions I thrive on.

I know what inspires me. Art, music, creativity, writing, the world of the abstract. I am passionate about people having access to creativity, and about the environment. As a preschool teacher, I loved multi-sensory teaching, and multi-media art projects, and creative discussion and thinking. As an environmentally conscious person, I recycle and compost, reuse, and repurpose with fervor. I will always support natural processes such as natural birth, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, healthy & balanced nutrition, a peaceful mind and nurtured relationships. People have told me I should consider being a doula because of my ability to be sensitive to people’s needs. I love to spend time crafting my writing to say what I want to say in the most perfect way, like so many works of literature I analyzed in my academic years.

I know I’ve also brought these interests into my employment: organizing recycling at work, donations to animal shelters, bringing my writing skills to a killer report showing team success & goal achievements, or to editing culinary trip itineraries, redesigning the travel document packet for clients, making my own business cards, redesigning websites, teaching preschoolers how to write haiku, supporting mothers with helpful information in online forums, graphic design of promotional flyers and tickets. I am an amateur photographer and designed my own book cover with a double exposure technique I honed while at the Speos Institute in Paris. I am always looking for a way to do something better and in a more interesting and visually pleasing way. I can bring this into any job, and I want it to be valued.

I’d like to think that a potential employer or career partner could read this and think I’m the perfect person to be on their team, or to lead their team or project once I’ve thoroughly immersed myself in the company’s mission. And hopefully that mission will be one in line with my own passions and interests. If I could find a job which incorporates all of the above, my role as a human being, other than mothering my children and honoring my talents, would be so enriched and fulfilling.

Wish me luck in my pursuit of a job, I want to have a really good one next.

Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.

–Ralph Waldo Emerson

Stop worrying. Just say enough is enough and turn it over to the universe… Do not picture your self going out and acquiring what you want, picture what you want coming to you.

Paradigm Shift

One Response to “Employment: a Dream, a Wish, a Positive Visualization. My Cover Letter to the Universe.”

  1. Liliya Says:

    Very nice letter to the universe Agnes! I believe the perfect job is waiting for you when you move to Austin. Also keep visualizing yourself at that job every night before drifting off to sleep. I have done a lot of that (Silva method), and I believe it works! Good luck!

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