A day in the life: Thursday edition

April 3, 2017

Sometimes people wonder how I do it all and my answer is usually just that I’m a highly functional individual. I am comfortable and thrive in engaging in a wide variety of interests, and my brain and being feel most alive when I’m involved in lots of creative, work, and life projects. To illustrate how packed every minute of my life is, here’s a fairly typical day. I chose this Thursday because it’s a really good cross-section of activity. There are some other things I do on other days that aren’t covered here, which replace some of the things I do today. One day I’ll have to follow-up with what an “easy” day looks like, but even the easy days tend to get filled with things that don’t appear in this day, like laundry, reading books, practicing instruments, gardening, cooking, or time in nature.

A day in the life – Thursday edition

6am Alarm wake up, hit snooze, have a 9 minute argument in my head about how I need to tell my boss I’m scheduled for surgery today because I totally forgot. When alarm rings at 6:09, realize with a struggle that that’s all a dream and I really have to get up.

6:10am While in bathroom, hear bedroom door open followed by the beginnings of a werewolf-transformation-like tantrum starting: my son thought he could crawl into bed for his usual morning snuggle but I’m already awake.

6:15am Back in the bedroom, there’s a little boy curled up on the floor, writhing. I pick him up for 2 minutes of snuggling in bed.

6:20am Shower (yes, 5 minutes later, you think 2 minutes would cut it with the tiny werewolf?), get dressed, put frozen waffle in toaster, put leftovers and a banana into my lunch sack, make a double espresso, put toasted waffle in my son’s mouth as he wakes up in front of a tv show.

6:40 Down espresso while heading upstairs to wake my middle school daughter. I start with “you didn’t finish unloading the dishwasher” but she wants to tell me about her dream so I shut my mom-mouth and listen to her sweet dream about visiting her former grade school teacher and his little daughters in Michigan.

6:45 Tidy the dirty dishes I can’t put away, scoop food for 4 cats, finish espresso, and fill out a registration form for free bowling lessons for the kids, which I tape to the front door on my way out (the husband needs to take them after school before I’m home).

6:50 Driving to work, reading Facebook/email/texts at stop lights. I turn off the screen when driving. I’m really fastidious about not doing anything while driving, but there’s lots of traffic and the lights are long, so. Happy news in my poetry email: NOON: journal of the short poem has accepted my work for its next issue.

7:20 Park for free at the park n ride a few miles from work. Walk to bus stop. Stare at the sunrise, tree branches, sidewalk leaves, and try to compose a poem. Several I’ve composed here in this mode have already been published.

sunrise burrowing further into my scarf (Modern Haiku 47:2)

7:35 After the bus has delivered me, I walk to my office. Put my lunch away, turn on the lights and computer, then go make a pot of coffee in the kitchen since I’m usually the first-ish one here.

7:45 Morning work email time. One of my upcoming work events that I’m in charge of is a liberal arts student research exhibition and their poster designs are due, as are their project descriptions for the program. I sent out a mail merge with their descriptions for proofreading late yesterday, now the responses are coming in.

8:30 Staff meeting! I have 2 things to talk about. I’m the Green Offices steward (hi, Environmental Club grade school self!) in charge of certifying our office to be green, and a nearby building is finally bringing composting to our area of campus, so I’ll be implementing that here. Also, I’ve joined the April fitness challenge sponsored by the university and want people to log their steps with me on a team, because we can win prizes! I’m Joiny Joinerson!

9am Work more on editing student research project descriptions. Eat some peanut butter crackers and a banana for breakfast.

11am I’m auditing a class at the university where I work: Astronomy 309: The Search for Extraterrestrial Life. So far I’m learning a lot of Astrobiology basics. What will life look like when we find it? What stage of development will it be in? Alien bacteria or alien advanced life? It’s fun to take a class without the grades.

12:30pm Lunch time, forfeited today because I like to participate in research studies occasionally (because I strongly want to inject some 40-yr old female data into the mostly 18-year-old college Psych freshman subject base, I love being a part of research, AND they pay.) Unfortunately the professor’s previous subject went overtime so I have to reschedule.

12:45 On my way back from lunch I stop by the post office to mail an order for my Etsy business (Hugewonder.com), a onesie featuring a parody of a Pulp Fiction quote on a faux stitched brown wallet design: Bad Mother Sucker. Funny, and pro-breastfeeding!

1pm I wolf down my leftovers at my desk. More work on editing project descriptions. There are almost 40 and it’s all stuff I’m unfamiliar with, from the Ugandan bridal industry to sociological research on intravenous drug users to feminist geography. So I read and re-read the descriptions until the words make sense.

4pm I’m off work and walking to the bus to catch back to my car. I call my bff on the east coast because she’s already off work and we have a nice bluetooth car convo.

5pm At the aforementioned bowling alley to pick up the kids. The bowling lesson started boring with a safety video but at this point they’re bowling and getting some tips. They take turns telling me about their day.

5:30pm Dinner and family time! My husband makes dinner on weeknights (THANK GOD). I make my daughter finish unloading the dishwasher.

6:15pm Drive back to campus for orchestra rehearsal! I play oboe in the UTUO. For this last concert of the year I’m playing 1st oboe on the Berlioz Roman Carnival Overture, and 2nd oboe on the Tchaikovsky Italian Capriccio. While they rehearse the other pieces I don’t play in (there are 4 oboes and we rotate), I go upstairs to a practice room and work on my parts.

8:30pm Drive back home, listening to the local classical radio station, KMFA. They feature Totentantz; an awesome Liszt piano piece featuring the dies irae theme.

9pm Catch up finally with the post-dinner dishes and cleaning the cat litter. Email the Girl Scout leader about chaperoning the upcoming Mother Neff State Park camping trip. I confirm that I can take two extra girls in my car.

9:30pm It’s my daughter’s bedtime. I lay down in her room and we chat while she falls asleep. I leave once I hear calm breathing.

10pm TV time! By this time my husband is out of our son’s room, where he played the same Norse mythology podcast for the 328th time for our son to fall asleep, and we settle to watch The Expanse, an awesome futuristic show about humanity that has settled Mars and numerous space stations and moons around the inner belt.

11pm I can’t sleep. My dear friend is having brain surgery tomorrow morning and I’m worried. I grab a book off the shelf to read and it happens to be Saturday by Ian McEwan, which starts with a brain surgeon describing numerous surgical details.

Midnight Still awake. I clean the kitchen within an inch of its life. I order cat food on Amazon and post some old items on Craigslist. I answer an email from a poetry colleague who organized the event at which I’m co-presenting about haiku at BookWoman book store on April 13th. She has sent me interview questions and they’re due Tuesday. I can’t find my klonipin prescription to calm my brain since I switched purses. I drink some water and make myself lay down regardless.

2am After devouring Facebook and playing all my turns on Words with Friends I finally drift off to sleep.

5:45am My son is wiser now, and he wakes me before the alarm to get the snuggles because of course why should I get a full 4 hours of sleep. *Insert crying laughing face emoji here*

P.S. Why a Thursday post on a Sunday? Because the cascade of weekend busyness carried the final touches of this forward until now. If I don’t post now, who knows when I’ll next find the time?

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  1. MAMA Says:

    Yes you are driven 🙂

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