First Place Winner

September 23, 2017

At Haiku North America 2017, my first ever poetry conference, I was so excited to win first place in the conference-wide contest. The news was recently shared publicly on the HNA Blog. My winning poem was inspired by the beautiful painting donated to the HNA raffle, New Mexico Colors, by William Berra*:

evening falls
with every breath
another color


*Berra is an American painter of landscapes, figures, and still lifes. His work has appeared in over 40 solo and group shows. Berra’s works can be viewed on the websites of the Nedra Matteucci Galleries in Santa Fe, the Saks Galleries in Denver,  the Sylvan Gallery, Charleston, SC, and the Kneeland Gallery, Ketchum ID, among others.

I look forward to attending the next HNA in Winston-Salem, NC in 2019.

6 Responses to “First Place Winner”

  1. A worthy winner! You have captured the essence of this beautiful painting so well, Agnes. Well done. It sound as though the conference was a great success.


  2. Thank you so much Marion! I worked on it all weekend, incorporating what I was learning during the presentations as well. It felt so right 🙂

  3. haikutec Says:

    Just seen this, congrats! Tweeted it too! 🙂

    warm regards

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