Agnes Eva Savich CV

September 3, 2016

Agnes Eva Savich

Pflugerville, TX

Writing Awards and Honors

Distinguished Poet, Italian Haiku Association International Matsuo Bashō Award, 2016

Merit Award (and translated into Japanese), ITO EN Oi Ocha New Haiku Contest, Japan, 2016

Translated into German, Chrysanthemum dual language journal, #19, 2016

Golden Triangle Haiku Contest Runner Up, 2016 (on display on public flowerbed placard in Washington, D.C.)

Editor’s Choice, Cattails, May 2016

Translated into Chinese, NeverEnding Story blog, 2016

The Haiku Foundation App, selected for inclusion, 2012

Featured Southwestern Haijin (Haiku Master), Roadrunner Journal, 2006 Issue VI:1

Winner, Real Baby funny pregnancy story contest, November 2006

Member Spotlight,, 2005

Translated into French, tempslibres – free times, 2005

Translated into Romanian, SARM astro-poetry mini anthology, 2004


Writing Activities and Memberships

Member, Haiku Society of America, 2004-2007, 2016

Member, The Haiku Foundation, 2013

Workshop Presenter, “The Art of Writing Haiku”, Writer Grrls Retreat, May 2007

Member, Austin Writer Grrls, 2004-present

Haiku Poet Circle Moderator, The Tadpole Society,, 2004-present

Member, World Haiku Club, 2004-present

Member, HaikaiTalk Group, 2004-present





Savich, Agnes Eva. The Watcher: Poems. San Antonio, TX: Cedar Leaf Press, 2009. Print.



Savich, Agnes Eva. “kayaking alone”. Jiyu-Katari, 27th ITO EN Oi Ocha New Haiku Contest winners anthology. Tokyo: ITO EN, 2016. Print.

multiple previously published works, Living Haiku Anthology, 2016. E-book.

“stalactite” and “another birthday”, Wild Women Anthology, 2016. Forthcoming E-book.

Savich, Agnes Eva. “Tasting”. Haiku 21: an anthology of contemporary English language haiku. Lincoln, IL: Modern Haiku Press, 2011. Print.



“a line of boxcars” and “spring lightning”, bottlerockets, #34, 2016

“first day of school”, “lecture hall”, “Normandy”, and “morning commute”, Cattails, January 2016

“baby name book” and “school morning moon”, Frogpond, #39:1, 2016

“old tomato plants”, Acorn, #36, 2016

“summer’s end”, Frozen Butterfly, #4, 2016

“open casket”, “rainy afternoon”, “pharmacy lecture”, and “daylight savings”, Failed Haiku, April 2016

“sunrise” and “summer storm”, Modern Haiku, #47:02, 2016

“first stars”, tinywords, #16.1, 2016

“sickbed”, A Hundred Gourds, #5.3, 2016

“lilies lean” and “the quiet farm”, Chrysanthemum, #19, 2016

“spring honeymoon”, The Heron’s Nest, June 2016

“October morning”, “cold drink”, “the curve”, and “first cry”, Cattails, May 2016

“reunion bonfire” and “midday heat”, Presence, #55, 2016

“far from home” and “between words”, Wild Plum, #2.2, 2016

“half moon”, Bones, #10, 2016

“Ode to Joy” and “wind sings”, Cattails, Sept 2016

“a day to myself”, Acorn, #37, 2016

“spring honeymoon”, “Indian summer”, and “two wildflowers kiss”, WHR: World Haiku Review, June 2016

“thaw” and “lousy”, moongarlic, #7, 2016

“the airspace”, The Heron’s Nest, Sept 2015

“dog by dog” and “the missed note”, Presence, #53, 2015

“driftwood”, “moon app”, “same flowers”, and “silent lighting”, Cattails, Sept 2015

“jazz club awning”, A Hundred Gourds, #5.1, 2015

“snow”, “in the dark”, “the shadow”, and “a cough”, Under the Basho, 2015

“WATERF” and “given”, Bones, #8, 2015

“cliff dust”, The Heron’s Nest, #10, 2010

“overcast”, Acorn, #18, 2007

“dappled sunlight”, The Heron’s Nest, Vol IX, #4, 2007

“The Summer Grass”, co-written Triparshva Renku collaborative poem (with Norman Darlington, John Carley, Hortensia Anderson), WOW! Magazine, #5, 2007

“a sea of blossoms”, The Heron’s Nest, Vol. 8, #3, 2006

“early spring”, “a skipping stone”, “cloudless sky”, “crescent moon”, “frozen morning”, “quitting time”, “a dead dragonfly”, and “the same moon”, Roadrunner Haiku Journal, Issue VI:1, 2006 (Southwester Haijin Feature)

“anthurium behind glass”, Acorn, #16, 2005

“night nursing”, Acorn, #15, 2005

“Pussy Willow”, co-written Junicho Renku collaborative poem (with Linda Papanicoloau), Simply Haiku, Vol. 3, #4, 2005

“rain-heavy sky”, Frogpond, #1, 2005

“the way she braids”, Acorn, #14, 2005

“mother and daughter” and “cicada song”, The Heron’s Nest, #3, 2005

“quitting time”, The Heron’s Nest, #8, 2004

“swift clouds”, The Heron’s Nest, #6, 2004

“spring shower”, paper wasp, 2004

“stars” and “after sunset”, The Daily Yomiuri, 2004

“lights out”, Acorn, Spring 2004

“partly cloudy”, Frogpond, #3, 2004

“the smoothness”, Frogpond, #2, 2004

“first kick”, Modern Haiku, #35.3, 2004

“Orion Triptych”, Meteor Contemporary Project, June 2004

“Tasting”, Frogpond, #1, 2004



BA Comparative Literature, Northwestern University



Current Employment

Senior Administrative Associate, College of Liberal Arts Student Division, The

University of Texas at Austin



Other creative involvements

Oboist, The University of Texas University Orchestra (UTUO), 2016

Flutist, The Noise Revival Orchestra Experience, 2006-2010

Flutist, Austin Civic Orchestra and St. Edwards Summer Pops Orchestra, 2009


Reviews & References also available

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